November 5, 2020

Armor’s Armchair Sales Experts Series 2

What is Armor’s Armchair?

Greg Armor interviews top sales experts across multiple industries to discuss the latest in sales leadership, sales management, industry trends, and more. These one-on-one brief interviews will give you a deeper understanding of what other sales leaders handle on a day to day basis.

Tune in to the webinar to gain top-tier insights into:

  • The state of sales in a remote world
  • Key pain points sales leaders are facing and how to overcome them
  • Ways to motivate reps and managers, and much more!

Register HERE to receive exclusive access to the on-demand rebroadcast of the October 28th webinar featuring Greg Armor. In this special edition, Greg Armor interviewed Keenan, CEO at A Sales Guy, Inc., who spoke about teaching and coaching over the past 20 years.