The Gryphon ONE Platform Integrates Compliance Into The Sales Process

With your brand reputation on the line, you need a cloud-based, integrated real-time compliance solution that won’t slow down the sales process.

  • Avoid TCPA and DNC fines
  • Built for the highest-volume marketing organizations
  • Integrates with any device, application or marketing system

Real-time TCPA and DNC Compliance:

  • Visibility
  • Call Center Compliance
  • TeleBlock
  • Audit Activity Tracking
  • Compliance Consulting Services

Growing the Business By Aligning Sales And Compliance

Gryphon safeguards marketing and sales interactions. Regardless of location or device, activities are automatically screened against unique business rules and regulatory requirements. These capabilities help the compliance team align with their sales counterparts – growing revenue without risking the brand reputation.

The system also automatically adjusts for:

  • Unlocking business telephone numbers that are incorrectly classified
  • People who have inquired about your service
  • Current and former customers
  • Calling wireless numbers in compliance with TCPA rules
  • Reclaiming numbers on your growing IDNC list to maximize your qualified touch-points

Leveraging Compliance As A Competitive Advantage

The Gryphon approach to compliance enables small and medium-sized enterprises as well as some of the largest, most competitive global brands to feel secure knowing their sales compliance is covered. The system is perfect for companies with:

  • Captive/independent telemarketing agents
  • Business process outsourcers (BPOs)
  • Contact centers/call centers
  • Marketing service providers (MSP’s)
  • Branch office personnel
  • Remote or home office agents
  • Field or highly mobile reps
  • Storefronts, dealers, or kiosk agents

Fully Bulletproof Compliance

The patented Gryphon platform is backed by a proven guarantee that takes ownership of any compliance liability should you face regulatory action or fines.

Other valuable services offered:

  • Privacy consulting services
  • Professional services
  • List management services
  • Easy campaign-specific business rules set-up

The Gryphon compliance advisory team can help
increase sales effectiveness and protect your brand reputation

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