$2.5M Robocall Class Action Suit Settled

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Robocall Class Action Suit

A $2.5 million settlement has been approved in a class action accusing loan servicer Navient of making unsolicited robocalls in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The Virginia federal court also approved another $1 million in attorneys’ fees and expenses.

Plaintiff Denise Baker’s putative class action was filed against Navient in October 2017, accusing the company of violating the TCPA through the use of an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS) to contact the references of student loan debtors without prior express consent. The 177,809 class members received on average 1.7 robocalls – a relatively low number compared to most cases.

“I think this case is different in that generally these kinds of cases involve debt collectors calling the debtors, or they will be telemarketers. In this case, the people being called weren’t the debtors, but the references of the debtors, which is why the number of calls is so low,” stated William Downing of Consumer Legal Solutions PC, the class members’ attorney, to Law360.

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