Gryphon for CRM


The Gryphon Sales Intelligence platform integrates with your CRM and enables Click-to-Dial and automatic call logging of call activity without manual input from your sales reps. Call data such as the number of calls made, frequency of dial, average talk time, call result (set an appointment, follow up, etc.), are captured automatically and available within Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard as well as native reports within CRM that can be incorporated into pipeline and revenue targets to have full visibility into agent performance.



Automatic activity logging

Built in Dialer (Click2Dial)

Screen calls for compliance or campaigns w/ visual indicators

Gryphon DialView

Crystal clear calling outbound and inbound

PCI Compliant Call Recording with redaction in the cloud

Gryphon Dashboards built into CRM


     Includes Click2Dial

If you’re willing to share some info about your department or organization, we can help find out if there is a fit.

Gryphon is an integrated system of advanced telephony, centralized data capture and dynamic dashboards and audit services that work together to help branch, mobile or distributed sales teams increase performance through better coaching, focused training and two-way accountability.