Visibility: Dashboard Analytics and Audit Service

With Gryphon Visibility, the needle finds you.

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How can you benefit from access to information if you can’t make sense of it quickly?

Gryphon’s Visibility Layer is your window into the performance of your sales and marketing organization.

When connected to the Gryphon SecureCloud, your agents, devices, and applications will be creating mountains of activity data every day, totally accurate and automatically captured by Gryphon.  The Visibility layer renders this activity in real-time in a way that makes sense to you based on your role.

  • Sales leaders can see activity patterns and conversational information of reps against a goal
  • Marketers can measure the effectiveness of campaigns by outcome or geography no matter the outreach type or medium
  • Privacy Executives can see an accurate summary of transaction level details of every interaction from any device to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • IT Executives can extend the control and governance for agents and employees in the branches or remote locations as easily as a call center or office personnel.

You don’t have to rely on self-reported data by your reps or comb through spreadsheets to find the needle in the haystack.

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