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Email/SMS Compliance Datasheet

Real-time Compliance for Your Contact Center

Email Clearinghouse Datasheet

Real-time Compliance for Your Contact Center

Get Competitive, Not Just Compliant!

In today’s saturated marketplace, consumers demand control of the what, when, and how of marketing communication. However, it is difficult to manage email/sms compliance at even a single office.

Consider the complications of adding satellite offices, remote sales teams, independent agencies, and third party marketing service vendors into the customer contact mix, all attempting to reconcile Do-Not-Email regulations, honor customer preferences, react to opt-out, respond to opt-ins and take immediate advantage of contact exemptions.

Business Benefits of Using Gryphon’s Emailing Platform Include:

  • Integrate contact governance across multiple marketing channels (including email)
  • Enable frequency-of-contact guidelines and manage opt-ins/outs at a granular level
  • Support corporate culture of compliance security and brand-message consistency at corporate and agency levels
  • Certify all email marketing campaigns against Do-Not-Email, VIP, U.S. FCC Wireless Domanin name, and U.S. Do-Not-Email lists
  • Ensure compliance with Do-Not-email regulations while unlocking your marketable universe
  • Support multiple email marketing service vendor relationships to enable companies to legally respond more quickly to warm leads
  • Ensure that third-party email marketing firms remain compliant with all applicable email regulations



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