Gryphon Networks Releases New Functionality to CRM Application for

Mar 2, 2017 | news

Gryphon Networks, a leader in sales intelligence and marketing compliance software, today announced the availability of the latest version of its Gryphon CRM App for Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, version 6 of Gryphon’s CRM App is an integrated Omni-channel do-not-contact compliance and sales intelligence plug-in that enables sales agents to call customers and prospects directly from the Salesforce CRM interface.

A key component of Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence Platform, the Gryphon CRM App for enables any sales or service rep to perform calling activity without ever leaving the ecosystem and without manually logging any call details. When used in conjunction with the Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard, managers will have a clear, simple, and objective on-demand view of the calling activity of any sales rep calling from any phone.

Gryphon CRM App for automatically captures call activity data including voice conversations to eliminate the need for reps to manually enter and tag this data in CRM. It delivers 100% warranted compliance for phone, email, and mail campaigns—providing organizations the confidence they need to ensure good customer experiences.

Gryphon CRM App for offers the following features to sales reps, managers, and administrators:

Automatic call logging for improved data accuracy and increased productivity for agents
Full support for the Salesforce1 platform, with mobile device support for tablets and smartphones
Customizable lead lists to allow reps to filter by contact status, view opt-out details, and update customer opt-out requests in real-time
Click-to-dial directly from classic view or Salesforce1
Visibility into the do-not-contact status of customers and prospects

“A sales forecast is only as good as the data from which it is built. Without full visibility into the essential call activity of sales reps and the metrics that matter, organizations cannot properly manage their sales processes or forecast accurately,” said Jeffrey Fotta, president and CEO, Gryphon Networks. “Gryphon’s Sales Intelligence Platform was specifically designed to provide managers with the insight they need to manage the performance of their teams, and the CRM App for is an important part of the equation. Better measurement equals better training and rep development as well as a stronger, more predictable and accurate pipeline.”

The new Gryphon CRM App is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. To test drive the app, please contact Gryphon Networks directly:

For more information, please visit:
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About Gryphon Networks
Companies with dispersed sales teams depend on Gryphon to optimize sales performance and eliminate regulatory risk. Gryphon’s cloud-based technology automatically collects and analyzes call data from any device to transform sales activity into actionable sales intelligence. The world’s top banks, brokerage, healthcare and insurance firms are among more than 600 clients that rely on Gryphon for marketing compliance and sales intelligence solutions that deliver on-demand insight and drive measurable impact. For more information, visit or call 866-366-6822.


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