Sales Performance Management & Monitoring Platform


Sales activity predicts success. The Gryphon Sales Performance Management Platform combines:

1) ACCESS FOR REPS: Outbound calling & tracking from any device, connection, or application

2) CONTROL FOR COMPANIES: Real-time rules enforcement for company control and compliance

3) VISIBILITY FOR LEADERS: Sales performance dashboards for insights into individual and team effectiveness

100% Sales Rep Access + 100% Company Control + 100% Performance Visibility

Access for Reps

Conduct sales & service calls through the Gryphon platform using any phone, tablet, PC or application

Control for Companies

Empower & protect your org with real-time screening & collection of call data automatically

Visibility for Leaders

Get unsurpassed, accurate visibility into sales & service rep activity & performance on-demand


Click-to-dial from CRM
Mobile App for iOS/Android
Softphone for Mac/PC
PBX Integration
800 Dial-in
DialView from Lists
Outbound Screening
Call Recording
Call Detail Records
Centralized Compliance
DTMF Tones
Data processing
Frequency & Location Blocks
Real-time rendering
Actionable insights
100% accurate
Visible within CRM
Coaching and training
Benchmark standards
Audit and administration

Universal Access

Make and receive carrier-grade phone calls from any phone, tablet or CRM

Empower reps to make and receive sales & outreach calls from any phone or device securely and easily.

Use any combination of mobile, office phone, PC (softphone), 800 dial-in or CRM (Click-to-Call) – without altering process or location.

Tag calls to capture call outcomes using the keypad or on-screen buttons.

All calling activity is captured by our network and logged automatically in real-time. No more manual CRM reporting!

Control & Compliance

 Your nerve-center for marketing rules and communications

Gain control over marketing activity regardless of source.

Screen for compliance or other business rules.

Securely record calls and update status.

Accurately capture and process all activity automatically.

Connect your marketing systems to the Gryphon SecureCloud.



Accurate insight on-demand to better coach, train, and win

Get interactive views of all sales and marketing activities with 100% accuracy.

Compare performance against goals and across reps, teams, and offices with one-click.

Instead of searching for a needle in the haystack…the needle finds you to better coach, hire and grow top-line revenue.

Gain visibility into the activity that matters in one place.

Proven Process + Technology Reinforcement = Sustained Performance

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