Accelerate Your Sales From Anywhere

The Gryphon ONE platform integrates powerful sales tools to scale and accelerate your sales motion.

  • Accelerate rep onboarding by 35%+
  • Improve contact effectiveness through automation by 50%+
  • Shorten the sales cycle with performance analytics and insights-based coaching
  • Increase productivity with ONE integrated solution
  • Efficiently onboard your customers to generate revenue faster

Our Clients Get Results

The Gryphon ONE platform is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage so you can focus on coaching and closing.

Bringing Confidence To Sales Teams

The Gryphon ONE platform is designed to do the heavy lifting for you with real-time insights enabling sales teams to build authentic relationships with customers and prospects.

Equipping Reps

We know that the last 20% of the buyer’s journey is with your rep. Our goal is to ensure your reps are ready to nurture and build consultative relationships with their clients and prospects. Accelerators: Dashboard, Conversation Intelligence, Amplify

Building Pipeline

Having an integrated platform gives your reps confidence in their approach, which builds trust with clients. Having visibility into the process allows sales teams to optimize their craft. Accelerators: Call Recording, Revenue Insights, Sales Cadence

Onboarding Clients

The real work starts after the order. Onboarding clients effectively is a key to a long, trusting relationship with potential upsell opportunities. Accelerators: Amplify, Call Recording, Sales Cadence

The Gryphon ONE platform provides automation, real-time visibility, and sales analytics that leaders need to optimize their sales teams and close business faster.










Gryphon is G2 Crowd’s 2020 Leader in Enterprise Sales Performance Management

Gryphon received best-in-class designation from G2 Crowd reviews for Best Usability, Best Admin, Best Relation, Easiest to Do Business With, Easiest Set-up, and Quality of Support.


“Best Advance in Mobile Sales Enablement and Performance Tools”
Brandon Hall Group


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