May 13, 2014

LinkedIn Compliance Partners Comply with Marketing Privacy

Your savvy sales and marketing teams are already adept at using LinkedIn to scout, track, and connect with leads. They are probably also taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions offering, which enhances the network as a sales and marketing tool and last week was further improved with a new feature: LinkedIn Certified Compliance Partners.

This new network of partners is integrated with LinkedIn’s backend to make it easier to monitor, archive, and generally manage agents’ communications with prospects and leads through the network.

LinkedIn executives are rolling in dough and LinkedIn is the fastest growing company in the US in no small part due to its usefulness as a sales and marketing tool. But the company knows the biggest challenge for sales and marketing in the digital age is compliance with the growing number and increasing complexity of marketing privacy regulations.

Agents in tightly regulated industries have a challenge: more of their communications with prospects is fragmented across multiple channels instead of conducted exclusively over the phone. Businesses today need tools to monitor their agents’ conversations on every channel to maintain compliance with privacy regulations. Depending on the industry and the applicable state regulations, compliance can require extensive archiving and data recall capabilities as well as real-time monitoring and alerts.

What used to be good practices that gave legal departments peace of mind are now often required by law, with stiff penalties for violators. For communications via groups or messages on LinkedIn, businesses need tools like those provided by LinkedIn’s Certified Partners to ensure that agents’ communications are effective while still in compliance with corporate governance policies and regulations.

But to maintain compliant communications via email and text message, as well as phone, businesses need Gryphon’s sales intelligence tool with the best marketing privacy compliance tools available.