Marketing Connector

Obtain a single version of the marketing truth that’s automatic, accurate and actionable

Gryphon ONE provides a Marketing Connector that enables connection to any marketing application, MSP or dialer to reduce risk and maximize campaign effectiveness

The Gryphon ONE sales acceleration platform is designed to be the heart of your marketing and sales-related rules and proprietary data. With the Gryphon ONE Marketing Connector, you can easily connect any third-party marketing service providers (MSPs) or other in-house marketing systems, dialers or applications to update your company-specific data in real time.

  • Consolidate proprietary business rules into a single robust platform
  • Consistently apply legal or regulatory rules
  • Incorporate consumer preferences to increase campaign effectiveness
  • Minimize over-suppression of legitimate leads with opt-ins and real-time processing
  • Ensure targeted outreach with product line-level opt-outs

Gryphon Marketing Connector Options

Web Services (API) for real-time synchronous data transfer
Secure FTP for large-scale bulk files
Gryphon Search & Certify for ad-hoc lookups and large serial file uploading

Photo of Marketing Connecting Workflow

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