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Gryphon Networks Patented Technology

It is one thing to say you are an industry leader it is another to be one. Gryphon has been awarded 16 patents for our technology by the United States Patent Office.

Patent Number 6,130,937 Granted 10/10/2000

System and process for automatic storage, enforcement, and override of consumer do-not-call requests

Method and system for allowing agents to automatically update a company-specific do not call database via touch tone keypad and blocking future calls to such telephone numbers. Patent relates to Call Advisor features.

Patent Number 6,788,773 Granted 2004

System and process for automatic storage, enforcement, and override of consumer do-not-call requests (continuation of 6,130,937)

Continuation of patent 6,130,937 that teaches a method and system of: (i) declassification of DNC requests via touch tone keypad to override prior IDNC requests and allow future calls, (ii) recording * or # key activity in a reporting database that identifies the origin of update and a corresponding account number.

Patent Number 7,194,075 Granted 3/20/2007

System and process for automatic storage, enforcement, and override of consumer do-not-call requests

Divisional application filed in response to Garfinkle patent that circumvented our IP, in part, by teaching a method that does not involve use of 800# to support DNC processing. Teaches in greater detail use of a centralized (IVR) facility and client specific 800# (NAN) to define the specific client. 

Patent Number 7,158,630 Granted 2007

Do-not-call compliance management for predictive dialer call centers

Method and system for processing call information associated with use of a network of predictive dialers deployed at different geographic locations to: (i) receiving call information for a number to be called by one of the predictive dialers, (ii) processing the call information to determine if the number is on a company specific or regulators DNC list, a copy of which is maintained in association with each of the predictive dialers, (iii) if the number is determined not to be on the DNC list, determining if the number is to be added to the DNC list, and (iv) enabling an update of the DNC list copy associated each of the predictive dialers with information that includes the number so that each of the predictive dialers has access to the information in near real-time.  Patent relates to Guardian and prior blue box service features.

Patent Number 7,574,471 Granted 2009

System and method for exchanging information with a relationship management system

Method and system for exchanging information with a relationship management system that includes a connection unit (telecommunications switch, an Interactive Voice Response application, a predictive dialer server, a distributed predictive dialer system, an electronic mail server, an Instant Messaging server, a Session Initiated Protocol server, a voice-over-IP server, a Short Message server, and a Multimedia Messaging server) to bridge and capture information associated with an agent’s and a contact’s communication (via a telephone, pda, pager, computer, a client interface, fax, remote computer terminal) and deliver select portions of the communications connection information (origin identifier, a destination identifier, an agent identifier, a contact identifier, an agent name, an agent address, a contact name, a contact address, contact duration, at least one agent command, at least one contact command, and contact status, or based on client-specific preferences) in a select format (configured to correlate with pick list information) to a relationship management system. Includes capture and storage of audio-information in response to agent text or voice command, delivery to relationship management system of a link to the audio file stored at remote location, and conversion or audio file to text for storage on remote system

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