Accelerate Your Sales

Unleash your sales potential and more effectively grow your revenue through your distributed sales teams, while automating compliance requirements to protect your brand.

With Gryphon, your teams will easily:

  • Increase Appointment Setting
  • Boost Contact & Call Effectiveness
  • Improve Cross-Selling & Upselling
  • Automate Compliance

We do this through our integrated, user-friendly SaaS platform aligning your sales, marketing, and compliance teams ─ empowering them to drive data-informed decisions through our sales acceleration dashboard.

The Gryphon sales performance management platform is easy to implement (no IT necessary),
easy to use, and easy to manage.

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Growing The Top Line by
Aligning Sales, Marketing
& Compliance

Gryphon Networks is an industry leader providing an integrated, rules-based multi-channel SaaS communication platform that enables clients to increase revenue while protecting their brand reputation with Do-Not-Call compliance.

Our sales acceleration platform processes and transforms all call data from any device into actionable sales performance insights. It also provides dynamic performance dashboards for improved coaching and focused training.

The Gryphon sales acceleration platform provides value through four key pillars: Clarify, Connect, Capture, and Coach.


Verify phone numbers
Get real-time compliance
Get every call detail for audit tracking


Make and receive calls from any device
No need to change process
Integrate with virtually any CRM


Automate logging of call activity
Document every call disposition
Gain visibility to better track sales performance


Evaluate performance through dynamic dashboards
Gain data for informed coaching
Speed onboarding & spot issues early

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