Optimize Your Sales Efforts With The Gryphon ONE Platform

The Gryphon ONE Platform is the only end-to-end solution with a carrier-grade network infused with business intelligence and AI. The platform provides automation, real-time visibility, and sales analytics that leaders need to optimize their sales teams and close business faster.


Easy To Implement

Implements easily, with no internal IT resources required

  • Carrier-grade secure network with real-time connectivity and visibility
  • Business intelligence and AI
  • Integrates with powerful tools and resources
  • Provides visibility into key sales performance analytics
  • Collaborate securely at scale
  • Centralized security and administration
  • Customizable profiles and role hierarchies
  • Simple and effective workflow
  • CRM agnostic; no need to change vendors or processes


Easy To Use

The user experience is simple and effective for onboarding reps fast to deliver revenue faster. Clarify who to contact, Connect with any device, anywhere, Capture data insights and Coach in real-time.


  • Use Machine Learning to capture data over time and reveal best practices (e.g. best days and times to call and regions to target) giving reps the best opportunity to connect with prospects
  • Rules-based automation
  • Automated screening and blocking of outbound calls in real-time, eliminating TCPA and DNC risk


  • Carrier-grade tier-1 telephony ensures crystal clear voice
  • Connect with any device anywhere
  • Dynamic Caller-ID protects your brand and increases answer rates
  • Caller-ID control reduces time spent on logging and increases call volume
  • Zoom Bot integration


  • Gain actionable insights through accurate data
  • Bi-directional sync with a CRM
  • Bot enabled learning system for real-time assistance
  • Call recording and live monitoring
  • Sales engagement automation


  • Real-time observation and coaching during a call
  • Conversation intelligence to coach best practices
  • Sales cadence removes the guesswork from pipeline building
  • Visual sales performance analytics and customizable dashboards
  • Gamification and engagement with G-score


Easy to Manage

Sales Acceleration Dashboards provide analytics, automation, and visibility into key sales performance analytics to accelerate success

  • Accelerate revenue through actionable insights
  • Gain actionable data and insights to drive sales effectiveness
  • Evaluate performance against key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Customize easy-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Visualize sales performance analytics
  • View metrics at-a-glance with heatmaps, scorecards and color-coded visuals
  • See summarized data in a single spot with Insights charts and push notifications
  • Rank top performers using Leaderboards
  • Support gamification with Gryphon G-score, a combination of KPIs

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