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Gryphon Networks Corporate Briefs

Gryphon Corporate Brief

Learn how Gryphon can help your organization optimize sales performance and help you remain marketing compliant.

Sales Intelligence Brief

With Gryphon Sales Intelligence sales managers can track their team’s performance in real time from any phone & any device

Marketing Compliance Brief

The only indemnified and real-time Do-Not-Contact Solution for all phone channels

Solution Overviews

Speech Analytics Overview

Turn your sales team’s conversations into actionable sales insights perfect for training, coaching, and auditing purposes.

Sales Performance Dashboard Overview

Can a sales manager effectively manage a remote sales team? With Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard Yes, they can!

Universal Access Overview

With Gryphon’s Universal Access easily manage the calling activity of their entire sales team including remote sales teams.

Web Services and FTP Overview

Gryphon Networks developed its real-time Web Service API to provide clients and partners an alternative method to access Do-Not-Contact…

Teleblock Plus

Whether your call center is in-house or outsourced to a third party, you need a Do-Not-Call (DNC) solution built for high-volume that works flawlessly with your dialing platform

Lead Recovery Overview

Gyrphon Lead Recovery Certification enables companies to contact business telephone numbers that are improperly registered

Whitepapers, Infographics, and Guides


Do you know the difference between the U.S.’s CAN-SPAM Act and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law? What you don’t know could cost you millions…

Email Clearinghouse Datasheet

Is you company email compliant? Do you know how to react to opt-outs, respond to opt-ins and take advantage of contact exemptions…

Mastering the Art of Phone Communication

Learn how insurance agents can master the art of phone communication to generate more leads and increase revenue.

How to Remain Indispensable

Are you looking to further your career? Then you need ways to ensure you are indispensable in this age of metric accountability.

Measuring Call Performance

When it comes to your sales team call activities and performance, do you know what sales metrics are real indicators of success?

Cold Calling Best Practices

Do you know when the best time of the day is to call prospects? How many calls does it take to find a lead? You may be surprised!

A Guide to Effectively Managing Your Remote Sales Team

Learn how to measure your team’s performance, increase quota attainment and reduce your rep’s poor habits.

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