Increase Sales Productivity Through Analytics

Revenue Insights consolidates data across the platform, your CRM, and other tools to deliver comprehensive insights into your pipeline and revenue cycle

  • Get analytics and flexible dashboards that help you more deeply and more easily understand your pipeline
  • See why high-value deals may be stuck
  • Understand and quantify how much effort is being put into closing a deal

Your Sales Data Simplified Through Analytics & Reporting

Correlate, analyze and build robust reports from data captured on the platform, your CRM, and other tools

  • Leverage automated, easy-to-read dashboards, performance scorecards, and infographics 
  • Customize the Gryphon Revenue Insights (GRI) Score, making it easier to monitor and compare revenue and pipeline performance
  • Compare Conversation Intelligence use with sales outcomes
  • View pipeline opportunities, stages, probabilities, and values on one screen
  • Slice and dice your pipeline data in real-time
  • Monitor current activity to ensure the right things are being done to close each deal

Our Motto: Keep It Easy

We keep this motto in mind, helping sales teams be more productive by providing all the relevant data, presented clearly and easily through custom reports.

  • Sync with CRM and other business intelligence tools
  • Build powerful reports correlating data across the enterprise to drive revenue insights
  • Continue to let the data teach your teams to onboard reps faster and progress deals faster

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