Accelerate Team Success Through Analytics

Sales Acceleration Dashboards provide analytics, automation, and visibility into key sales performance metrics.

  • Accelerate revenue through actionable insights
  • Capture and correlation key data sets in real-time
  • Coach with metrics at-a-glance to increase rep effectiveness
  • View performance over any time period, whether the last year or the last hour

Visualize Sales Performance Analytics

Real-time connectivity and visibility enables high-powered AI to scale and accelerate a sales motion, keeping deals progressing.

  • Customize dashboards and reports
  • View metrics at-a-glance with heatmaps, scorecards and color-coded visuals
  • See summarized data in a single spot with Insights charts and push notifications
  • Accelerate rep improvement and drive effectiveness

Lead with Data and Coach with Precision

Build a sales team that creates an immediate impact using customizable dashboards for healthy competition.

  • Coach your team from anywhere
  • Train reps on the best calls, and avoid the pitfalls of less successful calls
  • Share best practices to close deals faster
  • Rank top performers with leaderboards
  • Support gamification with the Gryphon G-score, a custom-weighted combination of KPIs 

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