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Do Not Call (or DNC) compliance can be tricky to navigate without the right compliance monitoring tools. Our industry-leading regulatory compliance software offers various tools for sales managers and reps alike to ensure your calls are within the specific guidelines.

Combining sales process tools with phone recording software and more provides our clients with peace of mind. TCPA and DNC violations come with hefty fines, and they can even tarnish your company’s record. Our patented suite of compliance software and tools can help you prevent these issues while boosting your company’s growth.

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Improving Regulatory Compliance

Call centers are an important part of the sales process. In some cases, a call center acts as home base for lead generation, and in others, the call center may be responsible for most of the company’s sales. Ensuring regulatory compliance is critical for avoiding fines and keeping sales reps on track, and that’s why we’ve created the best compliance management software in the industry.

  • TCPA & DNS compliance management to reduce fines and improve brand reputation
  • Industry-standard TeleBlock access for seamless compatibility and bulletproof compliance
  • Accurate, up-to-date data for audits and regulatory compliance analyses
  • Impeccable DNC list management and marketing registration services tracking
  • Expert consultations with attorneys, former regulators, auditors, and Certified Privacy Professionals

Why Gryphon

A value-based approach


Verify data
Rules-based automation
Audit tracking


Automate logging of activity
Document every interaction
Visibility to better track sales performance


Make and receive calls from any device
Maintain current communication vendors
Integrate with virtually any


Sales performance analytics and dashboards
Actionable insights for informed coaching
Speed of onboarding & spot issues early

Award Winning Performance


Gryphon is G2 Crowd’s 2020 Leader in Enterprise Sales Performance Management Software.

Gryphon received best-in-class designation from G2 Crowd reviews for Best Usability, Best Admin, Best Relation, Easiest to Do Business With, Easiest Set-up, and Quality of Support.

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