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Believe it or not, your sales teams’ daily activity is a company asset that is either being applied to help the business or squandered. Gryphon gives you the ability to capture, measure and multiply the successful behaviors of customer-facing teams and campaigns from any phone, anywhere.

The dashboard is your window into the daily sales activities that predict success so that you can manage to a standard and benchmark performance.

 Accurate intuitive snapshots of the key performance indicators that inform and inspire effectiveness.

The Dashboard

Rep Scorecard


Screenshot of an office scorecard

Manage based on actual metrics, not hunches.  Train and onboard based on what gets results.

Contact effectiveness ratios can determine how effective your team is today and whether they are getting more (or less) effective over time.

Monitor call attempt frequency to ensure the right level of rep persistence as well as overly aggressive practices

Screenshot of a call recording in gryphon dashboard

Calls can be recorded and available for review in minutes via the Dashboard

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