November 14, 2017

FTC Settles Solar Energy Company’s Do-Not-Call Violations

The Solar Energy Industry, Telemarketing Lead Gen & FTC Do-Not-Call Violations:

Brothers Francisco and Julio Salvat and their companies have been accused of running a telemarketing operation and making millions of illegal robocalls and violating FTC Do-Not-Call Regulations, promising consumers energy savings in an attempt to generate leads to sell to companies that perform solar panel installations.

The Federal District Court complaint by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was made in March 2016, alleging that millions of pre-recorded, illegal telemarketing calls were made to consumers registered on the National DNC Registry by Francisco Salvat and his companies. Salvat’s brother, Julio Salvat, was later added to the case as he is a co-owner and officer of the companies.

During the illegal calls, consumers were told that there was an urgent message about their energy bill and were told to “press “1 to lower their electric bill,” according to a press release by the FTC. Consumers were then transferred to telemarketers who asked if they were also interested in solar panels, and those who said yes were scheduled for appointments with a private solar installation company. Telemarketers then sold consumers’ information to the company as leads. Further, the defendants are accused of calling consumers after they asked not to be contacted again and sending false caller ID information.

The Price Of Violating FTC Do-Not-Call Regulations

The case was litigated by the Department of Justice and settled with the companies and Francisco Salvat permanently banned from all telemarketing, and Julio Salvat barred from violating the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). Further, Julio Salvat is barred from calling consumers on the National DNC Registry and robocalling consumers without written consent, selling lists containing consumer phone numbers listed on the National DNC registry, and violating the Registry rules’ caller ID provisions. The defendants are faced with a $1.4 million civil penalty.

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