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Pioneer and Innovator since 1998

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Gryphon Networks is a Boston-based SaaS company founded in 1998. Our mission is to empower the world’s leading enterprises with tools that improve the productivity of large dispersed sales teams.

Following the onset of do-not-call compliance legislation, companies needed a way to increase management visibility into the activity of large sales-forces. Gryphon’s award-winning Sales Intelligence Platform filled that need by enabling automatic capture and control of all phone activity from any device in real-time.

Gryphon’s sophisticated analytics engine processes call data, including the audio of conversations, and delivers completely accurate, intuitive insights for sales leaders in stunning dashboard views. As a result, sales leaders can measure and manage the activities of distributed agents calling from any phone, anywhere. These pioneering innovations have made Gryphon the go-to application for the largest banks, brokerage, insurance and consumer services firms in North America.

The Gryphon Sales Intelligence Platform is supported by over 30 awarded product and process patents serving more than a dozen Fortune 100 clients and over 120,000 seats deployed.

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