Universal Access

As a manager, how do you balance the need to provide your reps flexibility while creating a culture of accountability?  

Use Gryphon’s sales management software to obtain the information you need to coach, train and establish a benchmark of success for your dispersed or mobile team to get better every day.

As a manager, how do you balance the need to provide your reps the flexibility they demand, while creating a culture of accountability and obtaining the information you need to coach, train and establish a benchmark of success to get better every day?

Sales managers are finding it increasingly difficult to create accurate sales forecasts based on incorrect or missing information and inaccurate CRM sales data. In today’s highly mobile, decentralized world, where customer communications happen just about anywhere, manage your team to an accurate standard through Gryphon.

Close the Visibility Gap Between Your Reps and Revenue


✓ Gryphon’s Universal Access provides agents the ability to use any phone or device to make work-related calls
✓ Reps can use any combination of Universal Access methods for their outreach
✓ Preserve rep flexibility without sacrificing control and visibility essential to driving business
✓ Activity is presented in a consolidated form for managers for better coaching and forecasting

Universal Access Methods


Softphone App

Photo of softphone app


All in One Dialer for your PC or MAC. Learn More

Click-to-Dial for CRM

Click to Dial

Call right from CRM or other apps. Learn More

Mobile App

Mobile App

Make and receive calls for iOS and Android. Learn More



Call with 1-800 and pin from any phone or configure your office via IP PBX. Learn More

Carrier-grade tier-1 telephony ensures crystal clear voice.

Simplify outreach and prospecting activity.

Calling activity is captured and automatically logged into Gryphon Dashboards as well as CRM.

Optional real-time screening for compliance, including number masking and agent override.

Caller-ID control and Dynamic Call-ID protect your brand and increase answer rates.

Supports inbound and outbound calling, so you never miss that callback.

Enable SecureCloud call recording for any call or even in-call via the keypad.

Marketing Connector

The Universal Access Marketing Connector enables you to connect your in-house applications, autodialers, and marketing service providers (MSPs) directly to the Gryphon SecureCloud.

Additional Functionality

Save time with Automatic Activity Logging
Details from calls made with Universal Access are automatically captured in the Gryphon SecureCloud network. Information such as dialed number, call duration, frequency, and even call audio are collected in real-time.

Agents don’t need to log activities manually. Even details from calls placed outside of CRM  can be logged in CRM and Gryphon dashboards automatically.

Dynamic Call ID
With Dynamic Call ID, standardize caller ID to protect your brand, present Caller ID number local to the consumer or drive prospect behavior and get better results.
Keypad Dispositions from any Phone
Through the simple touch of a button, call outcomes and customer responses are captured without any manual CRM input— and information can be logged right back to the CRM automatically. Capture call outcomes or next actions such as Appointment Set, Send Literature or internal Do-Not-Call (IDNC) request the same way from any phone
PCI Compliant Cloud Call Recording and Speech Analytics
Bring high quality, stereo call recording to reps outside of the office from any device.  Pre-call whisper reminds reps to obtain consent in all-party consent states.  Automatic redaction of sensitive information ensures PCI compliance.  Playback audio right from Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard.  Enable or disable recording from the keypad in-call or before the call.

Targeted Speech Analytics brings call-center analytics to any phone, anywhere with simple scorecards for instant insight into conversations and proactive alerts

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