Accelerate Your Sales From Anywhere

The Gryphon ONE platform integrates powerful sales tools to scale and accelerate your sales motion.

  • Grow revenue faster with insights-based coaching
  • Shorten the sales cycle with performance analytics
  • Boost contact effectiveness through automation 
Gryphon Networks

Our Clients Get Results

The Gryphon ONE platform is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage so you can focus on coaching and closing.

Unique Features

Gryphon ONE has features that clarify and focus your sales expertise where it is needed most.

  • Real-time observation and coaching during a call
  • Speech analytics and recording
  • Transcription AI capabilities
  • Gamification and engagement with G-score
  • Dynamic customizable dashboards
  • Ability to categorize reps into training clusters
  • Virtual coaching tools
  • Easy integration with any device, CRM or marketing system
  • Integrated learning and training resources
  • Easily import and scrub lists
  • Rules-based automation
  • Integrated regulatory compliance
  • Advanced segmentation for prospects

Start fast producing results. No IT is needed since the network and high-performance sales tools are integrated and ready to go!

Proven four-step user experience that lets you onboard reps fast and coaching them to success. Clarify, Connect, Capture, Coach

Real-time visibility allows managers to coach their reps during customer interactions. Gamify with our AI engine making it fun selling from home!

Dynamic Dashboards

View your team’s performance against KPIs that matter, with 100% accuracy. Dynamic dashboards enable you to coach better, beat sales goals and improve efficiency.

  • Save time with automation
  • Increase appointments
  • Boost contact and call effectiveness
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling
  • Connect with any device, anywhere
  • Optimize outreach through gamification
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Track sales performance
  • Remove operational tasks
  • Monitor and track prospect lifecycle in real-time providing actionable insights










Gryphon is G2 Crowd’s 2020 Leader in Enterprise Sales Performance Management

Gryphon received best-in-class designation from G2 Crowd reviews for Best Usability, Best Admin, Best Relation, Easiest to Do Business With, Easiest Set-up, and Quality of Support.

“Best Advance in Mobile Sales Enablement and Performance Tools”
Brandon Hall Group


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