Increase Your Opportunity to Win!

Conversation Intelligence makes every interaction count, capturing best practices to help progress deals faster.

Combining Speech Analytics and Bots, your team can:

  • Accelerate onboarding by 35%, supercharge productivity
  • Capture and transcribe calls in real-time
  • Leverage AI to analyze every customer interaction
  • Automatically identify keywords and display coaching resources while the call is live  
  • Learn from the content of calls, not just the outcomes
  • Coach reps utilizing analytics & insights

Capture Data and Coach with AI-Assisted Insights

Give your team the best chance to win by capturing conversations and measuring outcomes through robust automation.

  • Machine learning applies intelligent KPIs to reps’ calls, saving managers time by reviewing fewer calls
  • Speech Analytics capture customer sentiment
  • Track script adherence and keywords
  • Automatically score each call for performance
  • Enhanced coaching tools alert reps when they need to review a call

Listen to Your Reps, Listen to Your Customers, and Learn

Understand the impact of every conversation utilizing automation and one-on-one coaching to drive consistent success.

  • Replicate success across your sales team
  • Train new reps based on the very best calls
  • Increase engagement with less effort
  • Coach reps up, not out
  • Allow AI and Sales Acceleration Dashboards to do the heavy lifting

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