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Compliance Leadership


“Bulletproof compliance with TCPA, TSR, and all state telemarketing laws regardless of agent location or device.”

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Navigating the state and federal regulatory maze while mitigating risk is becoming more daunting every day for compliance leaders. Especially when dealing with agents in branch offices, reps using personal phones, or independents and BPOs marketing on your behalf.

For almost 20 years, Gryphon has protected the largest and most valued brands in banking, insurance, manufacturing and home services from headline risk, brand damage, and costly fines associated with outbound marketing violations.

Gryphon provides fully indemnified compliance services for any application, campaign, or any agent at any location, including third parties marketing on your behalf.

Our unique patented “CORE-to-EDGE” system combines a secure, centralized rules engine (CORE) with call screening and blocking at the point of the marketing interaction (EDGE).  Together, Gryphon protects you from violations, provides you auditable visibility to every interaction and maximizes your legal marketable universe with intelligent exemptions and customer opt-ins.


Patented SaaS Architecture

Gryphon’s patented “CORE-to-EDGE” architecture centralizes the rules engine and each company’s proprietary rules, campaigns, IDNC, and opt-ins. Automated, integrated with your existing systems and always up-to-date.  The EDGE screening ensures point-of-dial blocking against the most current rules.  Together they provide an end-to-end platform for marketing effectiveness.



Fully indemnified compliance

Any state any statute

Time-bound restrictions like call curfew

TCPA-compliant wireless calling

Autodialer compliance

Call blocking via the network

Transaction-level visibility

Compliant cloud call recording

No new hardware or network configuration

Unlock your marketable universe while eliminating risk from DNC and TCPA violations for any agent, anywhere