December 22, 2016

The Right Speech Analytics Software Can Increase Sales Performance

According to a recent report by Qlik, sales performance is a clear priority for organizations, but they need the actual data to support and supplement it. Amongst the organizations polled, 79% said managing sales performance was somewhat more critical than other vital objectives within their organization, while 27% stated that insufficient or poor quality data was one of the top barriers to better sales performance.

In other words, organizations are experiencing low sales performance due to useless data. Sales leaders need to be able to get the relevant insights to manage their sales teams based on quantifiable data, as opposed to merely hunches.

A great place to start is to record and analyze the voice conversations of your sales agents. By having targeted, on-demand insight into recorded calls, managers can improve cross-team transparency and easily stay on top of their often-times distributed sales teams. Calls made from any phone or device can be recorded for quality assurance or regulatory compliance to improve sales and marketing effectiveness, troubleshoot issues, and reduce risk.

Recording and analyzing voice conversations can take the guesswork out of why individual team members are consistently successful while others continue to struggle in spite of allegedly generating call activity. Hybrid call recording and speech analytics software serves up highly accurate analytics that uncovers patterns and techniques of agents, shines a light on the behavior of top performers, and makes it easy for managers to motivate and set benchmarks for their teams.

Monitor the conversational effectiveness for calls from any phone, anywhere with Gryphon’s Targeted Speech Analytics. This secure cloud platform often delivers missing context from conversations that provide a holistic picture of your sales effectiveness regardless of rep location or device. Get real-time goal tracking and sales rep accountability through 100% accurate call data captured from all devices empowers you to compare sales performance across locations, teams, and reps to establish a benchmark of activity (# of calls, contacts, appointments) proven to drive results across your entire sales force.