Reach Your Revenue Potential

By embracing human ingenuity, investing in technology, and driving data-informed decisions in a user-friendly format, we provide an integrated SaaS Omnichannel communications platform to align Sales, Marketing, and Compliance.

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Unleashing Potential

Gryphon Networks is an industry leader providing an integrated sales effectiveness, rules-based, omnichannel SaaS communication platform enabling clients to increase revenue while protecting their brand reputation. The Gryphon solution processes and transforms all call data from any device into actionable sales performance insights for organizations looking to better connect with customers, capture 100% accurate data, and clarify customer rules like Do-Not-Call compliance. User-friendly, dynamic performance dashboards open a window to better coaching and focused training, giving management the tools needed to make data-informed decisions and establish two-way accountability with reps. For over 25 years, Gryphon has been committed to meeting client growth initiatives aligning Sales, Marketing, and Compliance executives accumulating over 1,500 years of calling data experience with zero violations. Gryphon has worked with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium businesses, helping them drive data-informed decisions with user-friendly dashboards for their go-to-market teams.


Clarify customer rules, connect with customers, and capture 100% accurate data from any device or location.

Real-Time Visibility

Gryphon automatically analyzes and screens all calls and provides team activity on a single screen in the metrics that matter most.

What Our Clients Say About Gryphon

“Before Gryphon, the only data that we were able to look at was how many outbound dials people were making. Now we have the ability to track not only how many dials people are making but the behavior of top performers to elevate our whole team to get better at what they are doing…to look at who is doing what well and use that to coach the rest of the team.”


Evan Cross

Regional Sales Coordinator, Aflac

“Thanks to the DNC list, no one else at my firm can call my prospects! The DNC program, as well as the kind voice on the other end of the phone. While using this product, it becomes extremely easy to make more dials, and in the end get more connections. The sales intelligence is useful to tracking progress on a weekly or daily basis. Also can be used for motivation.”


Scott J. L.

Financial Consultant

“Previous to Gryphon, there was no centralized place for reporting. ABM had some sales reps calling and self reporting, others tracking in CRMs. This has allowed ABM to have one version of the truth for the calling statistics. I like that there is a dashboard but find the ease of the daily push reports to be most useful. For the reps, the dashboards are very effective in helping them become more efficient understanding what are their most successful calling times.”


Loren Smith

Director of Sales and Development, ABM Franchising Group

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